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Lynn’s Story

Lynn Mione is a successful executive who has spent over 20 years building highly engaged, results driven teams for some of today’s largest companies. Lynn rose through the ranks in the business world with a take-no-prisoners attitude.  Traveling the country building businesses  and brands for the apparel sector of the retail industry, Lynn always had a burning desire to open her own business.

After a much needed break from the demanding travel schedule , Lynn sat with her mother as she often did to gain perspective and guidance.  It was then Lynn came up with the idea for an “unpretentious wine bar”.  Less than 3 miles from the block Lynn grew up on The Vine Wine Bar was built.  Utilizing all of the corporate knowledge and skill acquired over the years, Lynn designed, negotiated and marketed this new Brand of Wine Bar.  The Vine Wine Bar® opened its doors in May of 2010.

Lynn’s mission is to provide a beautiful setting that encourages connection while learning about wine.  With an unpretentious approach to wine tasting, The Vine Wine Bar® is perfect for beginners yet is impressive to the experts.  Lynn’s commitment is to entice people to connect with each other as much as they connect with her carefully chosen wines.

The Brand continues its unpretentious approach to wine. “Wine without the Attitude!” is the motto featured throughout all of The Vine Wine Bar® marketing.

“Owning my own business has been the biggest thrill of my life!  Controlling my destiny, making my own hours, and living a life that has provided me with balance and financial security is incredibly rewarding.  I encourage anyone who seeks the same rewards to join The Vine Wine Bar.”

-Lynn Mione

Lynn also believes in giving back.  In honor of Judy Mione, Lynn’s Mother, Lynn holds an annual fundraiser honoring her mentor and proceeds go to Judy’s favorite charity St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


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